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 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world class coaching and support at a price point that is within reach of every aspiring athlete regardless of ability or goals. We provide a training system that celebrates differences and ignites the individual spirit that dwells within us all. We welcome and embrace those who want to be part of an active community while also being champions of lone wolves and outcasts. We place high value on and respect the individualistic nature within each of us. We will make you a better athlete than you ever thought possible by starting you down your own personal pathway to health, happiness and athletic accomplishment.


Our Services

Training Analysis

Our team of specialists  assist you in all your advanced data analysis needs as well as in-depth sport specific biomechanical analyses. For some this may take the form of prevention and/or recovery from injury. For others it is about performance gains. We are here to help.

Training Programs

At Outcast Endurance we keep things as specific to your needs as possible. We provide training programs for a variety of endurance events and distances. We structure these programs in such a way as to ensure you only pay for the services you need.


Coaching Team

Camps & Clinics

We host triathlon, running, cycling and gravel camps throughout the year. These camps are focused on your training needs and future goals. Camps are designed with your athletic education in mind so that regardless of which camp you attend, you will leave ready to push forward in the months ahead.

Jacob Burgener – Performance Coach, Professional Triathlete, Consultant and Program Customization Specialist

Most of my life has been about sport, in one form or another! Beginning first as a swimmer, and progressing onto racing as a collegiate runner. My eventual move into becoming a Professional Triathlete seemed both logical, and exciting.

For me competing as a triathlete is great, and I will continue to push forward towards my full potential in Triathlon I also have an overwhelming desire to give back to the sport. It is for this reason that I began coaching.

I believe that through endurance sport we can improve our health, happiness and an overall improved level of enjoyment in our lives (and maybe win some things along the way).  

 Justin Trolle – Director, Consultant and Lead Program Designer


Justin is a Level III USA Triathlon Coach with over 25 years of coaching experience working with athletes from beginner to world class elite and Olympic athletes.

He is a nationally recognized  specialist within Triathlon in the areas of  Advanced Training Plan Design, Swim and Run video based Biomechanical Analysis, Athlete Physiology, and Youth and Junior Development.

In addition to his extensive experience working with athletes at all levels, Justin is also a Coach Educator and Mentor. He regularly presents on a range of topics throughout the USA.

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