About Us

About Us

Who We Are At Heart

Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Duathlon and Aqua-bike, regardless of the sport you are involved in, the one thing that always remains constant is our love of individual sports and the deeply held understanding that the effort we put into training day after day will be reflected in the achievement of the long term dreams we all hold.

Unfortunately, one of the key pitfalls of individual sports is that they are designed for individuals. By their very nature they tend not to be very inclusive and it is often easy to feel like you are alone. It is for this reason that so many people join teams and clubs. However, finding the right fit may not always be easy, especially when often all you really want is a program to get to your goals, support for when you get stuck, and ongoing knowledge so that you can continue  moving onwards and upwards.

The goal of Outcast Endurance is to give you what you really want without any added stuff you don’t. We want to create an inclusive environment for those of us who sometimes feel alone or out of place when you need it, and to leave you alone when you don’t.

If you have ever felt like teams, clubs and current coaching models don’t or won’t work, then this is likely the program you have been looking for. Why? Because it was developed by world class coaches and athletes who feel the same way you do and wanted to create something better.

As part of the Outcast Endurance Family you can have as much communication with the group as you would like, or as little. You can be a true outcast or choose to make yourself a little more included with other like-minded individuals. Your level of social involvement is up to you, not forced upon you.

As part of the Outcast team you will receive weekly programs, weekly video information, online group trainer rides and ongoing support about your program. You will have access to our athlete support webinars prepared and delivered by world class coaches and regular blog posts. You can also organize to talk with a coach one on one about your program if needed. Our many program packages and offerings allow you to tailor your program in an a-la-carte style to include just what you want and nothing you don’t at a price you can afford.

Our programs are designed by USA Triathlon level 3, International Elite Coach Justin Trolle and adjusted for your personal needs by our experienced coaching team and team. Packages start at just $49 per month putting world class coaching and support within reach of everyone.

Let Us Guide You Towards Your Goals!

Become a member of the Outcast Family of athletes and start heading towards your dreams with one of the most experienced and friendly groups of coaches and athletes in the country