Our History


 Our History


 Our history is born out of a need for something different, a significant change in direction, something better than the all-inclusive, over reaching model of teams and clubs that is so heavily promoted on a daily basis but fails to take into an account that you are an individual and not part of a herd.

So what is different with Outcast? It’s quite simple. We went back to the drawing board and looked at all the things that you as athletes wanted and believed were important to your training and racing goals. We then we created something unique to Outcast Endurance that is better for you.

There are currently two main coaching styles for program delivery, Static and Custom.

Static prepared programs are often overly simplistic and do not adequacy target your needs. Also these programs are only as good as the coach who prepared them.

Custom programs, on the other hand, are the best option for maximum performance gains. They are limited by the skill of the coach creating them and more importantly, by that coach’s ability to analyze and assess training data then adjust a program accordingly. This ability to analyze data accurately is well beyond the skill set of most coaches. As a result, athletes end up paying a premium for services they don’t actually receive.

In order to create a better product and service for athletes, we compiled all the best parts of custom programs and took out the components that make custom coaching cost prohibitive. We then made these components optional depending on your needs. We replaced these with weekly video based coach support of your program and world class support materials coupled with ongoing education. The end result is a training program delivery system that is as good as most custom coaching programs at a fraction of the cost and provides flexibility to tailor a program to your needs.

Outcast Endurance’s coaching and program development team is a collection of world class coaches and professional athletes who have come together to not just deliver the very best programs available, but to provide you with all the information and support material you will need to keep pushing forward in endurance sport.

So why not move away from old broken coaching systems and structures?

Join with us in becoming an Outcast and take your racing and training to another level!

Let Us Guide You Towards Your Goals!

Become a member of the Outcast Family of athletes and start heading towards your dreams with one of the most experienced and friendly groups of coaches and athletes in the country