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 What You Need and What We Offer

While most coaching programs are divided into packages giving you things you want, they are often coupled with things you don’t need. Our Outcast Program is designed to be a-la-carte in nature, allowing you to pick the base program style you like and then add the services you need based on the level of support you want. This allows for full flexibility within your plan. As your needs change, so can the level of service you chose to have.

 So what are the steps? Firstly, lets talk. Before we start any program, it’s worth having a 20-30min free consultation with one of our coaches to see if we are a good fit for you and the goals you have for yourself. Click on the link below and we will direct you to one of our coaches. If you have talked with one of our coaches directly, please let us know and we will set you up with that coach.

First Step?

Just send us a note giving us a little background on your sporting history and your future goals. If there is a particular coach you would like to talk with, please let us know. We will reach out to you directly to set up a time to go over your goals. Once we have any idea of your goals, we can get to work setting up the right program and communication structure for you.

Second Step?

Pick the base plan that is right for you based on your discussion with a coach.


If you’re just coming back to training or getting fit and haven’t chosen an event yet, a Build Program will likely be the best starting point. Have a single race on the calendar? Go with the Single Event Plan. Have lots of races you would like to do? The Multi Race Plan is the best way to start.

Build Program

A build program is recommended when you are coming into the sport or coming back to the sport and don’t have any races planned. It is also ideal for those athletes looking to get back in shape and do actually plan to do any racing.

Build Program – $49.95


Single Event Program

A Single Event Program is recommended for athletes who have an event coming up that you really want to focus on, but haven’t got around to looking for events beyond that point.

Monthly – Single Event Program – $59.95


Multi Event Program

This program is designed for athletes who have lots of different races that they plan to do. They may not all be the same but this program type allows your coach to build in all the key component for multi race success!

Monthly – Multi Event Program –   $79.95


Third Step?

Once you have chosen a base plan, the next step is deciding how much one-on-one support you want to receive from your coach. If you are a beginner athlete or an athlete with lofty goals, having more one-on-one support built into your program makes logical sense. If you are just trying to get fit, or are comfortable with your data, then you may not need as much one-on-one time with your coach at all.

What ever you decide to do we are here to guide you. Keep in mind that every plan has video based coach support material built into it as well as written support material to ensure you know what you are doing. Your one-on-one coaching sessions will help customize your program to you. The more time with your coach the more customized your program will become. This can be an advantage during difficult training and racing periods.

 Each phone/online consultation session is broken up into 15min periods. If you want a hour once per month or 15min every week the price is the same. This allows for your communication with your coach to be structured in the way you want it to be.


One-on-One Phone / Online Communications

Your one-on-one communication with your coach starts here. Just pick how may 15min blocks of time you would like, and during your first coach/athlete conversation we will set up a regular discussion time table with so that you can get the most out of your program.

Time Periods

Additional Services

Swim / Run Biomechanics

While we are new as a company, our coaches are not. The coaches in charge of our biomechanical analysis work have over 25 years of experience in video based biomechanical analysis and have worked with world class elite triathletes as well as multipal Olympians. The internet is full of people with cameras who say they are experts, we really are. 

So how easy is it to get your video analysis work done? Simple. Check out the link below for the instructions on the video  information that we need, sign up below and send us your swimming or running videos. You will receive a conformation email once we have received the data and ensure that it will be able to be analyzed. Within 72 hours you will receive a video based report, a written report and video drills for either Running or Swimming on how to correct your biomechanics moving forward. If you would like a direct consult with the coach who completed your video analysis, this can also be organized with us once you have reviewed the report.

Running Analysis

Assuring your have good running form is the key to both success in racing and in training.  The sort of video footage we need to do your analysis is in the link below. Have the footage already? Great, sign up and send us your footage.

Running Analysis – $99.95


Swimming Analysis

Swimming form is one of the hardest areas of our training to work on. After all, it’s hard to see what we are doing wrong or right with our head under water.  Let us take care of that for you.

Swimming Analysis – $99.95


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